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Exilient Replacement Laptop Keyboard for Sat C650 L650 Series, Black

Rs. 2830
Rs. 1350
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Product Description

Let your fingers fly on the Exilient Keyboard. Caress the keys. Let them respond to your gentle touch. Feel like you are making music. Whether you are writing an email, playing a game or preparing for a board meeting, Exilient Keyboards make it an ethereal experience. Check out the entire range for the one specially made for your laptop.

Product Specification
Part No KT-L650-01
Description Exilient Replacement Laptop Keyboard for Sat C650 L650 Series, Black
Product Make Exilient
SpecificationsOEM Standard
Condition New

Brand Compatibility

Model Compatibility
Satellite C Series C650-BT2N11 C650-BT2N13 C650-BT2N15 C650-ST2N01 C650-ST2NX1 C650-ST2NX2 C650-ST3NX1 C650D-BT2N11 C650D-BT2N13 C650D-BT2N15 C650D-ST2N01 C650D-ST2N02 C650D-ST2N03 C650D-ST2NX1 C650D-ST2NX2 C650D-ST3NX1 C650D-ST3NX2 C655-S5047 C655-S5049 C655-S5052 C655-S50521 C655-S5053 C655-S5054 C655-S5056 C655-S5060 C655-S5061 C655-S5068 C655-S5082 C655-S5090 C655-S5092 C655-S5113 C655-S51131 C655-S5118 C655-S5119 C655-S5129 C655-S5132 C655-S5137 C655-S5140 C655-S5141 C655-S5142 C655-S9510D C655-S9520D C655-S9521D C655-S9530 C655-S9531D C655-SP4132 C655-SP4163 C655-SP4164 C655-SP4168 C655-SP4169 C655-SP5018L C655-SP5018M C655-SP5019L C655-SP5019M C655-SP5030L C655-SP6001L C655-SP6001M C655-SP6007L C655-SP6007M C655-SP6008L C655-SP6008M C655-SP6009L C655-SP6009M C655-SP6010L C655-SP6010M C655-SP6011L C655-SP6011M C655D-S5041 C655D-S5042 C655D-S5043 C655D-S5044 C655D-S5045 C655D-S5046 C655D-S5048 C655D-S5051 C655D-S5057 C655D-S5063 C655D-S5064 C655D-S5079 C655D-S5080 C655D-S5081 C655D-S5084 C655D-S5085 C655D-S50851 C655D-S50852 C655D-S50853 C655D-S50854 C655D-S5086 C655D-S5087 C655D-S5088 C655D-S5089 C655D-S5091 C655D-S5120 C655D-S5126 C655D-S5130 C655D-S5133 C655D-S5134 C655D-S5135 C655D-S5136 C655D-S5138 C655D-S5139 C655D-S5143 C655D-SP4131 C655D-SP4151 C655D-SP5003M C655D-SP5024L C655D-SP5024M C655D-SP6004L C655D-SP6004M
Satellite L Series L650-BT2N15 L650-BT2N22 L650-BT2N23 L650-ST2G01 L650-ST2N03 L650-ST2N04 L650-ST2NX1 L650-ST3NX1 L650D-ST2N01 L655-S5058 L655-S5059 L655-S5060 L655-S5061 L655-S5062 L655-S5065 L655-S5065BN L655-S5065RD L655-S5065WH L655-S5069 L655-S5071 L655-S5072 L655-S5073 L655-S5074 L655-S5075 L655-S5078 L655-S5078BN L655-S5078RD L655-S5078WH L655-S5083 L655-S5096 L655-S5097 L655-S5098 L655-S5098BN L655-S5098RD L655-S5098WH L655-S5099 L655-S5100 L655-S5100BK L655-S5100BN L655-S5100RD L655-S5100WH L655-S5101 L655-S5103 L655-S5105 L655-S5106 L655-S5106BN L655-S5106RD L655-S5106WH L655-S5107 L655-S5108 L655-S5111 L655-S5112 L655-S51121 L655-S51122 L655-S5112BN L655-S5112RD L655-S5112WH L655-S5114 L655-S5117 L655-S5144 L655-S5146 L655-S5147 L655-S5149 L655-S5149WH L655-S5150 L655-S5153 L655-S5154 L655-S5155 L655-S5156 L655-S5156BN L655-S5156RD L655-S5156WH L655-S5157 L655-S5158 L655-S5160 L655-S5163 L655-S5165 L655-S5166WHX L655-S5168 L655-SP6004L L655-SP6004M L655D-S5050 L655D-S5055 L655D-S5066 L655D-S5066BN L655D-S5066RD L655D-S5066WH L655D-S5067 L655D-S5076 L655D-S5076BN L655D-S5076RD L655D-S5076WH L655D-S5093 L655D-S5094 L655D-S5095 L655D-S5102 L655D-S5102BN L655D-S5102RD L655D-S5102WH L655D-S5104 L655D-S5109 L655D-S5110 L655D-S5110BN L655D-S5110RD L655D-S5110WH L655D-S5116 L655D-S5145 L655D-S5148 L655D-S5151 L655D-S5152 L655D-S5159 L655D-S5159BN L655D-S5159RD L655D-S5159WH L655D-S5164 L655D-S5164BN L655D-S5164RD L655D-S5164WH L655D-SP5010L L655D-SP5010M L655D-SP5012L L655D-SP5012M L655D-SP5014L L655D-SP5014M L655D-SP5160 L655D-SP6001L L655D-SP6001M L655D-SP6002L L655D-SP6002M L655D-SP6003L L655D-SP6003M L670-BT2N13 L670-BT2N22 L670-BT2N23 L670-ST2N01 L670D-BT2N22 L670D-ST2N01 L670D-ST2N02 L670D-ST2N03 L675-S7018 L675-S7020 L675-S7044 L675-S7048 L675-S7051 L675-S7062 L675D-S7012 L675D-S7013 L675D-S7014 L675D-S7015 L675D-S7016 L675D-S7017 L675D-S7019 L675D-S7022 L675D-S7040 L675D-S7040GY L675D-S7042 L675D-S7046 L675D-S7047 L675D-S7049 L675D-S7050 L675D-S7052 L675D-S7053 L675D-S7060 L750-BT4N22 L750-ST4N02 L750-ST4NX1 L750-ST5N02 L750-ST5NX2 L750-ST6N01 L750D-BT5N11 L750D-BT5N22 L750D-ST4N01 L750D-ST5NX1 L750D-ST6NX1 L755-S5103 L755-S5107 L755-S5151 L755-S5152 L755-S5153 L755-S5154 L755-S5156 L755-S5158 L755-S5166 L755-S5167 L755-S5168 L755-S5169 L755-S5170 L755-S5173 L755-S5175 L755-S5213 L755-S5214 L755-S5216 L755-S5239 L755-S5242 L755-S5242BN L755-S5242GR L755-S5242RD L755-S5242WH L755-S5243 L755-S5244 L755-S5245 L755-S5246 L755-S5247 L755-S5248 L755-S5249 L755-S5252 L755-S5253 L755-S5254 L755-S5255 L755-S5256 L755-S5257 L755-S5258 L755-S5271 L755-S5273 L755-S5275 L755-S5277 L755-S5280 L755-S5281 L755-S5282 L755-S5306 L755-S5308 L755-S5311 L755-S5349 L755-S5350 L755-S5351 L755-S5353 L755-S5354 L755-S5355 L755-S5356 L755-S5357 L755-S5358 L755-S5360 L755-S5362 L755-S5364 L755-S5365 L755-S5366 L755-S5367 L755-S5368 L755-S9510BN L755-S9510D L755-S9510RD L755-S9511BN L755-S9511D L755-S9511RD L755-S9512BN L755-S9512D L755-S9512RD L755-S9512WH L755-S9513BN L755-S9513RD L755-S9520D L755-S9530D L755-S9530WH L755-S9531RD L755-S9532RD L755-SP5101CL L755-SP5102CL L755-SP5167CM L755-SP5168CM L755-SP5169LM L755-SP5174RM L755-SP5175LM L755-SP5203CL L755-SP5279LM L755-SP5291LM L755D-S5104 L755D-S5150 L755D-S5160 L755D-S5162 L755D-S5164 L755D-S5204 L755D-S5218 L755D-S5227 L755D-S5241 L755D-S5250 L755D-S5251 L755D-S5279 L755D-S5347 L755D-S5348 L755D-S5359 L755D-S5361 L755D-S5363 L755D-SP5165RM L755D-SP5166FM L755D-SP5171LM L755D-SP5172LM L755D-SP5178LM L770-BT4N22 L770-BT4NX1 L770-BT5NX2 L770-BT6NX1 L770D-BT5N11 L770D-BT5N22 L770D-ST4N01 L770D-ST5NX1 L770D-ST6NX1 L775-S7105 L775-S7130 L775-S7140 L775-S7240 L775-S7241 L775-S7243 L775-S7245 L775-S7248 L775-S7250 L775-S7307 L775-S7309 L775-S7350 L775-S7352 L775-S7355 L775D-S7110 L775D-S7132 L775D-S7135 L775D-S7206 L775D-S7210 L775D-S7220 L775D-S7220GR L775D-S7222 L775D-S7223 L775D-S7224 L775D-S7226 L775D-S7228 L775D-S7304 L775D-S7305 L775D-S7330 L775D-S7332 L775D-S7335 L775D-S7340 L775D-S7345
Satellite Pro C650-EZ1511 C650-EZ1512 C650-EZ1513 C650-EZ1515D C650-EZ1521 C650-EZ1523 C650-EZ1524 C650-EZ1533 C650-EZ1534 C650-SP4166 C650-SP4166M C650-SP5016L C650-SP5016M C650-SP6002L C650-SP6002M C650-Z2510T
Satellite Pro L670-EZ1710 L670-EZ1711 L670-EZ1712 L670-EZ1715D

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