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Exilient Viva 6 Cell Li-Ion Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Compaq Presario CQ32 CQ42 CQ62 CQ72, HP Pavilion dv3-4000, dm4-1000, dv5-2000, dv6-3000, dv7-4000, HP Envy 17, HP G42 G62 G72 Series

Rs. 3280
Rs. 1590
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6 month warranty

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Product Description

Exilient Batteries are the preferred choice for powering a wide spectrum of laptops at home, in office or on the move. Whether you are working on your presentation, watching a movie or simply chatting with a friend on the internet, Exilient Battery keeps your laptop going. Check out the entire range for the one specially made for your laptop.

Product Features
Longer Power Backup
Trusted Quality
Ideal for your Laptop
Nationwide Support Network
Genuine Value for Money

Product Specification
Part No BH-CQ42-21
Description Exilient Viva 6 Cell Li-Ion Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Compaq Presario CQ32 CQ42 CQ62 CQ72, HP Pavilion dv3-4000, dm4-1000, dv5-2000, dv6-3000, dv7-4000, HP Envy 17, HP G42 G62 G72 Series
Product Make Exilient
Voltage10.8 Volt
Condition New

Brand Compatibility

OEM Part Nos.
586006-241 HSTNN-Q47C HSTNN-CB0W HSTNN-CB0X MU06 593554-001 HSTNN-Q62C 548AA

Model Compatibility
HP G32 G32-1000
HP G42 G42-100 G42-1000 G42-101XX G42-154CA G42-161LA G42-164LA G42-165LA G42-200 G42-200XX G42-240LA G42-241LA G42-250LA G42-265LA G42-268LA G42-270LA G42t-200
HP G56 G56-1000
HP G62 G62-100 CTO G62-100EB G62-100EE G62-100EJ G62-100SL G62-101TU G62-101XX G62-103XX G62-104SA G62-105SA G62-106SA G62-107SA G62-110ED G62-110EI G62-110EO G62-110EY G62-110SA G62-110SO G62-110SS G62-110SW G62-111EE G62-112EE G62-112SO G62-113SO G62-115SE G62-115SO G62-117SO G62-118EO G62-120EC G62-120EE G62-120EG G62-120EH G62-120EK G62-120EL G62-120EP G62-120EQ G62-120ES G62-120ET G62-120EY G62-120SE G62-120SL G62-120SS G62-120SW G62-121EE G62-125EK G62-125EL G62-125EV G62-125SL G62-130EG G62-130EK G62-130ET G62-130EV G62-130SD G62-130SL G62-134CA G62-135EV G62-140EF G62-140EL G62-140EQ G62-140ES G62-140ET G62-140SF G62-140SS G62-140US G62-143CL G62-144DX G62-145NR G62-147NR G62-149WM G62-150EE G62-150EF G62-150EQ G62-150ET G62-150EV G62-150SE G62-150SF G62-150SL G62-153CA G62-154CA G62-165SL G62-166SB G62-200 G62-200XX G62-201XX G62-219WM G62-220US G62-225DX G62-226NR G62-227CL G62-228CL G62-229WM G62-251TU G62-251XX G62-550EE G62-a00ef G62-a10EV G62-a16SL G62-a20ER G62-a23EE G62-a30ER G62-a40ER G62-a45EE G62-a46EE G62-a53EE G62t-100CTO
HP G72 G72-100 CTO G72-101SA G72-102SA G72-105SA G72-110EL G72-110EV G72-110SA G72-110SD G72-110SO G72-110SW G72-120EB G72-120EG G72-120EP G72-120EV G72-120EW G72-120SB G72-120SD G72-120SG G72-120SO G72-130ED G72-130EG G72-130EV G72-130SA G72-130SB G72-130SF G72-140ED G72-150EF G72-150EG G72-150SF G72-200 G72-250US G72-251XX G72-259WM G72-260US G72-a00 G72-a10SV G72-a20EM G72t-100CTO G72t-200
Pavilion DV7 dv7-4000 dv7-4001tx dv7-4002tx dv7-4003xx dv7-4004tx dv7-4007tx dv7-4008tx dv7-4009tx dv7-4010tx dv7-4011el dv7-4012tx dv7-4013tx dv7-4015sl dv7-4020tx dv7-4050er dv7-4060us dv7-4065dx dv7-6000
Pavilion dm4 dm4-1000 dm4-1001tu dm4-1001tx dm4-1002tx dm4-1004tu dm4-1006tx dm4-1008tx dm4-1009tx dm4-1010tx dm4-1011tx dm4-1012tx dm4-1013tx dm4-1014tx dm4-1016tx dm4-1017tx dm4-1019tx dm4-1030ez dm4-1065dx dm4-1090la dm4t-1000
Pavilion DV3 dv3-4000 dv3-4001tx dv3-4002tx dv3-4004tx dv3-4005tx dv3-4006tx dv3-4007tx dv3-4010tx dv3-4016tx dv3-4019tx dv3-4020tx dv3-4026tx dv3-4027tx dv3-4028tx dv3-4029tx dv3-4030tx dv3-4031tx dv3-4036tx dv3-4050ez
Pavilion DV4 dv4-1000
Pavilion dv5 dv5-2000 dv5-2132dx dv5-2035dx dv5-2045la dv5-2046la dv5-2048la dv5-2077cl dv5-3000
Pavilion dv6 dv6-3000 dv6-3001au dv6-3001ax dv6-3001tu dv6-3001tx dv6-3001xx dv6-3002xx dv6-3003xx dv6-3004ax dv6-3004tu dv6-3004tx dv6-3005tu dv6-3005tx dv6-3006tx dv6-3008tx dv6-3010ax dv6-3010el dv6-3010ez dv6-3011el dv6-3013cl dv6-3013sl dv6-3014sl dv6-3015tx dv6-3016ez dv6-3018sl dv6-3019sl dv6-3019wm dv6-3020tx dv6-3021sl dv6-3021tx dv6-3022tx dv6-3023tx dv6-3024tx dv6-3025dx dv6-3027tx dv6-3029sz dv6-3030tx dv6-3031tx dv6-3032tx dv6-3033tx dv6-3034sl dv6-3034tx dv6-3035tx dv6-3037tx dv6-3040sl dv6-3040us dv6-3041sl dv6-3041tx dv6-3042tx dv6-3043tx dv6-3051xx dv6-3052tx dv6-6000
Presario CQ32 CQ32 CQ32-101TX CQ32-106TX CQ32-107TX CQ32-108TX CQ32-109TX CQ32-110TX
Presario CQ42 CQ42-100 CQ42-102TU CQ42-103TU CQ42-105TU CQ42-106TU CQ42-108TU CQ42-109TU CQ42-111TU CQ42-115TU CQ42-116TU CQ42-117TU CQ42-118TU CQ42-119TU CQ42-122LA CQ42-123LA CQ42-125LA CQ42-125TU CQ42-126TU CQ42-130TU CQ42-131TU CQ42-132TU CQ42-133TU CQ42-134TU CQ42-135TU CQ42-136TU CQ42-137TU CQ42-138TU CQ42-139TU CQ42-140TU CQ42-151TX CQ42-152TU CQ42-152TX CQ42-153TX CQ42-154TX CQ42-158TX CQ42-160TX CQ42-165TX CQ42-166TX CQ42-167TU CQ42-167TX CQ42-168TU CQ42-169TU CQ42-170TX CQ42-171TX CQ42-173TU CQ42-173TX CQ42-174TX CQ42-175TX CQ42-176TU CQ42-176TX CQ42-177TX CQ42-179TX CQ42-181TX CQ42-182TX CQ42-185TX CQ42-186TX CQ42-187TX CQ42-188TX CQ42-189TX CQ42-193TX CQ42-194TX CQ42-195TX CQ42-200 CQ42-201AU CQ42-201AX CQ42-201TU CQ42-203LA CQ42-210AU CQ42-221AX CQ42-251TU CQ42-252TX CQ42-257TX
Presario CQ62 CQ62-100 CQ62-101TX CQ62-102TX CQ62-103TU CQ62-104TU CQ62-105TU CQ62-105TX CQ62-106TU CQ62-108TU CQ62-108TX CQ62-109TU CQ62-109TX CQ62-110TU CQ62-111TU CQ62-111TX CQ62-112TU CQ62-112TX CQ62-113TU CQ62-113TX CQ62-114TX CQ62-115TX CQ62-116TU CQ62-200 CQ62-201AU CQ62-201AX CQ62-201TU CQ62-202AU CQ62-202TU CQ62-203AU CQ62-206TU CQ62-207TU CQ62-209WM CQ62-210SD CQ62-210TU CQ62-212TU CQ62-214TU CQ62-215DX CQ62-215TU CQ62-251TU CQ62-251TX CQ62-a00 CQ62-a10SD CQ62Z CQ62Z-200
Presario CQ72 CQ72-100
Envy 17 17-1000 17-1001tx 17-1001xx 17-1002tx 17-1003xx 17-1006tx 17t 17t-1000

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