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Exilient Replacement Laptop Keyboard for Aspire 5740

Rs. 2830
Rs. 1580
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1 year warranty

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Product Description

Let your fingers fly on the Exilient Keyboard. Caress the keys. Let them respond to your gentle touch. Feel like you are making music. Whether you are writing an email, playing a game or preparing for a board meeting, Exilient Keyboards make it an ethereal experience. Check out the entire range for the one specially made for your laptop.

Product Specification
Part No KA-AS5740-01
Description Exilient Replacement Laptop Keyboard for Aspire 5740
Product Make Exilient
SpecificationsOEM Standard
Condition New

Brand Compatibility

OEM Part Nos.
9J.N1H82.01D 9J.N1H82.K1D AEZK6R00010 KB.I170A.083 NSK-AL01D KB.I170A.056

Model Compatibility
Aspire 5236 5242 5338 5340 5410 5410T 5536 5536G 5538 5538G 5542 5542G 5738 5738DG 5738DZG 5738G 5738PG 5738PZG 5738Z 5738ZG 5739 5739G 5740 5740DG 5740G 5741 5741G 5741Z 5741ZG 5810 5810T 5810TG 5810TZ 5810TZG 7336 7340 7340G 7535 7535G 7735 7735G 7735Z 7735ZG 7736 7736G 7736Z 7736ZG 7738 7738G 7740 7740G
Travelmate 8571 8571G 8571T

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